You Think You’re On Track

I have much to talk about today…

Discovered today:

I just discovered a soul/pop group named Quadron. When I heard the lead singer’s (Coco) voice, I was instantly reminded of another voice I adore and have been following since her Groove Theory days, Amel Larrieux. Even Quadron’s beats remind me of the somewhat oddball music behind Amel’s voice. So far my favorite tracks from Quadron are Buster Keaton and Jeans.

Looking forward to:

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas! I seem to have missed most of the stop-motion animated Christmas specials playing on ABC Family (classics by the way), but I won’t miss THIS classic.

Recently bought:

What I bought from American Apparel

3 colors of AA Nail Lacquer

Last month, I spent $15 on a Groupon for $50 worth of American Apparel merchandise. I went shopping last Friday and bought a pair of the most comfortable lace trimmed cycle shorts, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in Tea Tree, and three of their nail lacquers (rose bowl, malibu green, and factory gray which are on my nails as I type this). I’m in love with everything I bought.

And her name is... Sparkle!

Festive... No?

And since this is my first Christmas away from home, I also purchased a mini Christmas tree, ornaments, and a stocking. Total cost: $19! Wal-mart and Five Below are such life savers! I’ve nicknamed my tree, Sparkle. With the stress from work and school, she’s been doing a great job cheering me up this holiday season! And today I just received gifts in the mail from family and friends, even more cheery!


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