Merry Christmas Baby… You Sho’ Did Treat Me Nice

O Christmas Tree

Hope you all had a great Christmas. I know I did! I had a busy day at work on Christmas Eve and then stayed up late baking and packaging cookies for some of my boyfriend’s family (since it was my first Christmas with them and all).

Christmas day wasvery busy, of course. Opened gifts at my bf’s house, went to his grandma’s house for breakfast (and more gift opening), and then to his aunt’s house for dinner with his whole family. I definitely got triple the amount of gifts that I usually get when I’m at home. I got half of the wishlist I posted last week and a lot of stocking stuffers that I’ll actually use (i.e. a laptop cooling system — blue thing at the bottom of the 2nd pic below). Here’s a couple of pics of some of my gifts. I have NO complaints! 🙂

A few of my gifts


A few of my stocking stuffers

And the family dog, Rip, chillin on my new socks while watching everybody open their gifts.

The day after Christmas I had to work again… and yesterday… and today. I’m SO tired. But I’m planning on going out of town (just a few hours away) for NYE even though I’m scheduled to work that morning and in the evening on New Year’s Day. We’ll see how that goes…


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