American Apparel Nail Lacquer Review

3 colors of AA Nail Lacquer

Remember when I told you I bought three nail polishes from American Apparel? Well, I’ve tried all three and have some pretty interesting results.

Overall Pros:
Quick drying
Long Lasting
Goes on smoothly
Rich colors

I tried “Factory Grey” first and loved it! I got compliments on the color everyday too! It’s my favorite by far.

“Rose Bowl” was actually very nice. It would make a nice spring or summer nail color.

“Malibu Green”… GORGEOUS color, BUT stained my nails TERRIBLY! Avoid at all costs! A week after taking the color off, my nails are still stained. I can’t even leave my nails bare right now.

This color was the only one that had a con. Big thumbs DOWN for “Malibu Green.” Luckily, I have a very similar color to this one from another brand (Funky Fingers’ “Bizerk Turq”) and I’ve never had any problems with it staining so I’ll just stick to that one.

Overall Score: **** 4 stars (Lost a point for the staining)


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