Inspiration Board: Mint Condition

Many times I’ve visited blogs and they’ve posted these awesome inspiration boards with fashionable clothing, accessories, and home decor. There’s always a lot of things that I love, but can’t begin to afford. I hate seeing such cute stuff like mini faux snakeskin coin purses and then seeing $439 in fine print. Womp womp…

So I decided to make my own inspiration boards with more affordable items. This new feature will be like your own personal shopper organized by color, season, or theme! My goal with these boards is for you see a few things that you like and can actually afford. Enjoy!

P.S. ~ Every now and then there will be a post with a more expensive item, but do not be alarmed… it’s only inspiration. If you find a cheaper alternative, let me know! I’m probably looking for a less expensive version too!

First board after the jump…

1. Forever 21 Lacquered Epoxy Bracelet $3.80

2. Fred Flare Rain Parade Mini Umbrella $32

3. ASOS Chino Pants $24.14

4. Forever 21 Pastel Draped Necklace $6.80

5. Forever 21 Mid Century Betty Purse $22.80

6. Mark Vintage Bloom Ring $7.99

7. Circle Creek Home Handcrafted Vintage Style Step Stool $24.00

8. Forever 21 Rugby Boat Neck Top $9.80

9. Fred Flare Stainless Steel Water Bottle $4.99

10. ASOS Metal Keeper Super Skinny Belt $10.34


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