Keep Me On… Don’t Switch Me Off

“Pictures” – Sneaky Sound System

One of the best things about working at Forever21 is the playlist that blasts out of the stereo. This is how I’ve been discovering new music (that isn’t quite so new) for the past few months. Like this Australian band, Sneaky Sound System.

I recently found out that the lead singer, Connie Mitchell, also sang back up on some of Kanye West’s tracks (“Flashing Lights” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”). No wonder those darn hooks sound so good. I like her voice and I like this song! It’s a great pick me up! And it doesn’t hurt that the electro-pop band just happens to have a song entitled “Kansas City,” being that it’s my hometown and all.

“Goodbye” – Kristinia DeBarge

I expect a lot from the DeBarge family (yes, I love 80’s music. I’ll take DeBarge, Shalimar, and New Edition over these new groups ANY day). So when I heard that James DeBarge’s daughter, Kristinia, was coming out with a song, I couldn’t wait to hear it.

I LOVE her voice, she’s pretty talented. I like this song (the second single is not so great though). The only thing I don’t like is how much her label is trying to “slut her up” (i.e.  look at the video for her second single). Still, I’m not disappointed with the new generation of DeBarge.

*By the way, have you heard that joint with El DeBarge featuring Faith Evans? Pretty nice… chill song.


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