So I Creep… Cause He Doesn’t Know What I Do

Who was watching the highly anticipated primiere of The Game last night?


And now… Let’s begin:

The Network: We’ve been waiting two years for it to finally come back. I’m glad BET stepped up and took over. It’s about time they did something positive. A step toward redeeming themselves, in my book. They are trying to do better and I applaud them for their effort.

Though you can somewhat tell the show took a budget cut with its new network, the set wasn’t too bad at all. And extra points for giving Black celebs and athletes more exposure in the show! HOWEVER, I only have two complaints. They were doing TOO much with the sexual scenes every 5 minutes… c’mon Tasha and Malik… really? Overdone. And will somebody please turn up the laugh track?

The Cast:

Melanie/Derwin: Girl Melanie… creeped out and messed things up again with Derwin?! NOOOOOOOOOO! Just had to be sneaky!

Janay: I really just want her to go away now. You can tell she’s jealous of Melanie.

Tasha: Hold up… when did she start smoking and why does she seem… meaner? I don’t like this Dante guy… where is Rick Fox?

Malik: Ewww… with her though? Couldn’t keep that hand out the cookie jar, I’m not all that surprised. But why is he doing it all out in public? And how could he treat Tee Tee that way? That’s right, Tee Tee, stand up for yourself!

Kelly: Wildin’ out! I know she has a newfound freedom, but take it down a notch or two. I miss the old Kelly… the nice one.

Jason: Finally! Someone who stayed the same!

BritBrat: Um… where in the hell is the old Brittany? PLEASE bring her back. The new girl is not cutting it. She was there for all of 30 seconds and was TERRIBLE. I usually don’t like to be negative about child actors, but someone better could have been chosen. How do you go from 9 years old to 14/15 in 2 years? She didn’t even look similar to the old actress who was clearly biracial as the character obviously is.

Overall: It’s going to be a good season for Melanie and Derwin’s story for sure. Kelly, Jason, and Tasha’s stories not so sure. Malik’s maybe. I’m already on the edge of my seat and can’t wait to see what happens next!

What did you think about the premiere? Do you think this will be a good season? Which story lines are you most interested in?


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