DIY Link Love!

If you’ve been following me on Tumblr, then you know I love DIY projects, but just haven’t had the time to do many lately. So I have decided to do a monthly post of links to DIY tutorials. Each post has between 5-7 links to tutorials that I love and hope you will too! As always, if you decide to try one of these DIY’s send a link to your photo or if you find other materials that work better leave a comment. Let me know how it turned out! I would love to hear from you and see your creation! 🙂

**If you have any DIY tutorials you’d like to see featured here, leave a comment with your link!**

Studs and Pearls: Snakeskin Clutch (Inspired by Alexander McQueen)

Studs and Pearls' Snakeskin Cltuch

Chic Styles: Woven Ribbon Sweater (Inspired by John Galliano’s Christian Dior Fall 2010 RTW Collection)

Chic Styles Woven Ribbon Sweater

Dollar Store Crafts: Samantha’s Woven Rope Necklace

Samantha's Woven Rope Necklace

P.S. I Made This: Rhinestone Earrings

PS I Made This Rhinestone Earrings

Studs and Pearls: Embellished Gloves

Studs and Pearls Embellished Gloves

The Ongoing Project: Rhinestone Necklace (Inspired by Tom Binns)

The Ongoing Project's Rhinestone Necklace

Honestly, WTF: Lace Earrings (Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2011 Collection)

Honestly WTF Lace Earrings


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