Burlesque Review

I finally had the chance to see Burlesque (although very late) and it was pretty much what I thought it would be… somewhere between the feel of Coyote Ugly, the terrible acting of Showgirls, and the glitz n’ glamour of Moulin Rouge.

Plot: One of Hollywood’s most overused stories. Girl grows up in a small town and decides to go to the big city. Girl gets to the big city and tries to make a name for herself. Girl struggles to make a name for herself. Girl is finally given a chance and becomes a star. And don’t forget the love triangle, that had to be slipped in somewhere!

Cast: Nobody could do the singing required for this film as good as Christina Aguilera. That said, I wish her acting skills could have been better. I could tell from the trailer that her acting was terrible, but everyone has to start somewhere. Maybe it will get better, assuming she takes classes and works on it. Cher’s performance was about the same as her other performances: decent. Stanley Tucci plays his role well. He’s always good at those personal assistant roles (i.e. The Devil Wears Prada). Typecast much? Poor Kristen Bell… she didn’t fit that character at all. Terrible casting for that character. And the “rivalry” between her and Christina’s characters was extremely tame. Cam Gigandet and Eric Dane are clearly only there to be eye candy and to push the story along. Nothing stellar about their performances whatsoever.

Music: The best thing about this film. If you love to dance (maybe even if you don’t) it will probably want to make you want to try a few of those moves once you get back home. I’d say the best numbers from this movie were Christina’s “But I’m a Good Girl,” “Express,” and “Bound To You.” Cher’s “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” was a powerful little gem too.

Overall: It’s worth watching if you have some time to kill. Keep in mind, the acting is terrible. But if you like the cookie cutter storyline or just want to have a “girl’s night out” and watch the corniest movies you can find, then this is a great choice! You should probably go ahead and add Showgirls to the list too. They’re both so bad, they’re good!

Final Score: *** 3 Stars


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