My First Teenage Love Affair

“All I Do” – B5

I just saw a recent pic of an old, old, old, old, OLD ex-boyfriend and great googly moogly… what was I thinking?! I thought I was so in love with this guy!

I remember the first day I saw him. He had hazel eyes and cocoa colored skin. He was a grade above me and seemed to be so cool. After a few weeks of staring at him between classes, I finally went up to him and said something completely stupid and almost insulting (though I didn’t mean it to be). But he flashed those pretty white teeth at me, laughed, and said “what?” We were friends ever since then.

The school year came and went, as did my summer vacation. And when the first day of school arrived, I saw him again and all I felt were butterflies. A week later I finally told him how much I liked him and he said he felt the same. That’s when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

I was on cloud nine. He really had my nose wide open. That was the first and only time I’d made a mix tape for a boy (old school display of affection). We talked on the phone all the time. His older brother and little sister loved me. Both my friends and his, thought we were perfect for each other.

We were together for a couple of months before we broke up. I don’t even remember how it happened. The only thing I remember is that months later, the week before Valentine’s Day, he asked if he could be my valentine… and I said yes, because he was the only one I wanted to call mine. We even announced our plans of being each other’s valentine in the school paper with our nicknames for each other. He was the first boyfriend I had that I truly cared about and I know he cared about me too. But when he graduated, we lost touch. Years later I’d heard that he had gotten married and thought, “Wow, he must really love her. I didn’t think he was the type to settle down so young.” But maybe so, it was hard not to love him back.

He recently joined a certain social network and commented on a picture with me and a few friends. I was surprised to see his name and he didn’t really look like himself in his profile picture at all. I checked his page and another picture of him (don’t act like you don’t do that too) and all I could think was “What happened to him? He’s single now? Poor thing. He seemed to have everything going for himself.”

And that, ladies, is what happens to that dream guy/first love. It all goes downhill after you. You realize that you were probably the best thing in his life.


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