Five Things I’ve Done Lately That I’m Proud Of

1. Gotten a new job that’s actually relevant to the career I’m pursuing.

2. Become more independent. I haven’t had to constantly ask my father to keep putting money in my account or how to do certain things. I’ve made my own money and figured things out by myself.

3. Made straight A’s for the past year. Not that I don’t get A’s, but there’s usually a B plugged somewhere in there.

4. Maintained my natural hair. Since I’ve stopped using relaxers (2 years strong), my hair has been getting healthier and more manageble. I love it and I’m so proud of myself for keeping it up, because it’s NOT that easy trying to re-learn and re-train your hair after it’s been chemically altered for so many years.

5. Taking the initiative to learn and do new things. Recently, I’ve been exploring more places in DC and trying new restaurants. I’m a picky eater, but I’ve been trying new foods (liking some, hating others). I’ve also started teaching myself new skills (knitting) and how to use computer programs like Microsoft Excel (it’s pretty useful). There’s still so many things I want to learn and do, so I’m ready for more.

What are some things you’ve done lately that you’re proud of?


One response

  1. Getting a relevant job can always be a challenge. I remember starting my graduate studies in urban planning and wanting a job planning cities only to find that I was stuck in a position at the lego factory, building lego cities for children. What an eye opener! Terrible. Just terrible.


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