Frankie and Alice Review

Plot: A perfect example of how you take one of Hollywood’s favorite storylines and bring something new to keep the audience guessing. Based on a true story, this film is a psychological drama about a woman with multiple personalities. Using hypnosis to integrate her alters, a psychiatrist finds out why her personality is split into three. The story itself is very compelling and written well.

Cast: Amazing performance from Halle Berry! She was the perfect choice for the lead character. Both seasoned actors Stellan Skarsgård and Phylicia Rashad created a great supporting cast, portraying their characters flawlessly. Skarsgård portrays Frankie’s emotionally drained psychiatrist whose interest in his work is renewed when he takes on Frankie’s case. Rashad gives a stellar performance as a supportive but enabling mother, who inadvertently adds to the trauma that causes Frankie’s personality split.

Editing: A little choppy and disconnected. At times there are scenes shown that I feel don’t really have a point. It’s almost as if they just decided to stick certain scenes in just to fill in space and add time.

Criticisms: Aside from the editing, the only other complaint I had was with the ending. I was terribly disappointed. It just could have been better. I felt as if we got to the climax, but there was no transition to the end. No resolve. It would have been better for them to just go a little bit further by showing us how they were able to treat her. Pretty much anything would have been better than what they gave.

Final Score: **** 1/2 stars


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