What Do I Do? I Can’t Live Without You

Earlier this week, a good question was asked… “could you live without the internet for a week? a month?”

Sure, I could… if I wanted to. Do I want to go without it? My answer is obviously NO, I wouldn’t want to live without it for a week.

Here’s why: I typically feel disconnected from everything when I don’t get on the internet at least once a day. My boyfriend’s dad often jokes that my laptop is like my baby, because I pretty much ALWAYS have it in tow. That doesn’t mean that I can’t live without it though. I’ve gone days without internet, I was bored out of my mind… but I’ve done it.

I’m actually very surprised at myself this week. On Monday, I only used my computer to check my email for thirty minutes within 24 hours! Yesterday, I was on the internet for a couple of hours only because I had to take a test online, and checking my email was an additional 20 minutes. I’m proud of myself for not spending oodles of time online.

BUT I have to give credit where credit’s due. This unusual phenomenon has happened only because I’ve been so tired after training at work. I’ve been too exhausted to hop on the computer. This could be a good thing, because I know I’ve been on my laptop way more than necessary so this could tame the wild beast that is internet overuse. I wouldn’t go a day without checking my email though, let alone a week, because I get so many emails from work, school, family & friends. So it’s safe to say I can’t do without the internet for a month. Once I got ahold of the internet (once I hit the 6th grade), I latched on and there was NO TURNING BACK.


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