Wait Til I Get My MoneyRight

Oh what would I do with a million dollars, tax free…

First, I’d start paying my own rent. I feel so bad knowing that instead of saving up money and using it to enjoy his retirement, my dad is putting everything toward my rent and at one time was paying my tuition out-of-pocket. After my mom passed away, it got really hard to pay for school. Now that I’m about to graduate, I really want him to finally enjoy life and take vacations when he wants, remodel the house if he feels that it needs to be, or upgrade his truck if he desires to do so. I want to be able to take care of him the way he’s taken care of me. I’d use some of that money to send him on a vacation wherever he wants to go.

Next, I’d get my sweetie’s wedding band, my wedding dress, and set aside funds for our dream wedding. I’m one of those girls that has been dreaming up all of the details of her wedding since she was a little girl (okay, exaggeration… more like high school). Not just dreaming, but actually scouring bridal websites and magazines to find ideas.

Embarrassingly enough, I’ve made powerpoints with all of these details (Don’t judge me!) from the ceremony decor and flowers all the way to the cake topper, favors, and reception music. Unfortunately, the themes/colors/venues have changed pretty much every year because every year I realize my actual wedding is not so far away anymore and there’s no way we can pay for what I really want, so I must downgrade.

My only other option is to call David Tutera in hopes that I’ll get a great dream wedding. –Start rant– I REFUSE to have a dollar store wedding. I’ve seen too many of those in my day. It’s okay to have a few small items from the Dollar General, but PLEASE don’t buy the fake flowers for your ceremony decor or streamers for your reception decor. I’m just saying, it will never look as good as you think it will. –End of rant–

Other randomness I’d do with that money before putting the rest in savings:

  • Pay back student loans. The good news: I don’t have as much to pay back. The bad news: I probably should, because then, I wouldn’t be struggling as much as I have been.
  • Shopping spree. I’ve never gone on one before and want to revamp my wardrobe.
  • Go on a Disney cruise. I’ve heard so many great things about them. I’d take the one headed to Italy and Spain.
  • Travel. There’s so many places I want to go. I’ve taken a tour around Spain and I want to at least go back to Barcelona. I want to travel around the U.S. to see national landmarks.
  • Take Zumba classes. I really want to try it. It looks like so much fun and I’ve heard many great things about it from people who are taking the classes.

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