Unknown Review

Plot: A man awakens from a coma after a car accident in Berlin only to find that his identity has been stolen and no one believes him, not even his wife. To prove his identity, he seeks help from the young taxi driver who saved his life.

Cast: Liam Neeson certainly knows how to pick a great script. He’s become action movie king lately. After great success with Taken, he delivers another stellar performance. He doesn’t disappoint. Both Diane Kruger and January Jones also give equally satisfying performances as the supporting cast. All of them give believable performances.

Cinematography: The film provides a variety of angles and even gives you the main character’s point of view (when necessary). It will keep you in suspense, but every now and then it’s a bit dizzying during chase scenes.

Criticism: A few of the movie’s scenarios seemed unrealistic and questionable. For example, why would you repeatedly continue to call/attempt to contact someone who claims to not know you and seems unwilling to help you? If you’re on vacation with someone, why wouldn’t you tell them where you’re going before you leave them? etc… But if you overlook simple things like that, then there’s no issue.

I’m not really an action movie type person, but whether you like action movies or not, GO SEE IT!

Final Score: ***** 5 stars


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