Worry Just Will Not Seem To Leave My Mind Alone

I admit it. I’ve completely neglected to write about any of the topics from the Post A Week Challenge. I could say that I don’t want to write on those topics. I could even complain and say that I don’t really like many of them. But rather than being so negative about it, I realize that they are out-of-the-box topics for me that will ultimately help me become a better writer.

I typically don’t talk about controversial topics, keeping my thoughts, ideas, and questions to myself. But this past summer, I took a Principles of Speech class and my professor made me vow that I will not hold back my thoughts from the world. So… I guess this is the best place to start, through writing about these topics. Practice makes perfect right? Congrats to all those that have been faithfully posting every week! Let me ask you, what motivates you to write?

On Friday, my graduation pictures arrived. Now I’m just waiting on my announcements. I’m so excited! Graduation day is drawing near, but I’m far from being any less worried about reaching my goal, especially since Continue reading