Inspiration Board: Get Some Colors On Pt. 2

Color splash from Asos and Delia’s…

Top Row: Asos Jersey Micro Mini Skirt $21.52, Asos Tailored Slim Cropped Pant $53.79*, Asos Covered Lock Clutch $26.90

Second Row: Asos Tailored Cowlneck Pencil Dress $53.79*, Asos Tailored Ponti High Waisted Slim Flare Pants $53.79*, Delia’s Twist-Front Knit Dress $39.50

Third Row: Asos Leather Saddle Bag $53.79*

Bottom Row: Asos PETITE Exclusive Colourblock Shift Dress $53.79*, Asos Metal Keeper Patent Skinny Waist Belt $10.79, Asos Linen Tailored Pencil Dress $53.79*

*Over $50 Limit


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