Squarectomy’s Do’s and Don’ts of Bell Bottoms

The 70s look is fast becoming a popular Spring 2011 trend. In light of the 70s revival, Grace Gully of Squarectomy recently wrote this article for Chictopia with tips on how to pull off bell bottoms.

I’m sure there is a sea of naysayers who will meet this new (I use that word loosely) trend with some resistance. Some of us are probably just getting used to the skinny jean. And then there was that short stint a few years back where boyfriend jeans seemed to be moving to the forefront. The less controversial skinny still managed to kick that trends butt. I think that this revival of the 70’s staple, bell bottoms, may give skinnies a run for their money. Not to say we will be seeing the end of ultra slim jeans—well, ever—but a girl needs options right?

Spring runways showcased a modern take on this retro classic. Slim throughout the hips and thighs, flared from the knee down. We aren’t talking flared to the point that people will wonder what you are smuggling under there, but just enough so that it nearly covers your foot. Most of the designers sent mid to high rise versions down the runway. This further enhances the vertical line that creates the illusion of mile high stems—which as you ladies should know, is never a bad thing! Not to say you couldn’t wear your bells with a lower rise and tone down the retro factor.

Street Style
The fashion elite always seem to be one-step-ahead when it comes to trends on the brink. And our soon-to-be bell bottom craze is no exception. Kelly of Glamourai works a medium rinse pair with a lady like top. She keeps the look from being too prim by wearing the blouse untucked. Mr. Newton spotted a a light rinse pair with a tucked button-down and another 70’s favorite, the floppy hat. And model Ruby Aldrige combined this look with the sheer maxi trend to create a totally rocking, standout look.

Don’t Ever
There are some key things to remember here. Although Ruby may have beautifully combined two trends, the jumpsuit and bell bottom trends may not be a good pairing. We aren’t trying to revisit the 70’s, only take the best from it. And glittery bell bottom jumpsuits are just a tad too Brady Bunch special. Another thing is fit, the 70’s bell bottom is fitted through the hip and thigh, and then looser at the knee. The 90’s version flares out from below the knee. This may seem like me nitpicking, but it does make a world of difference. Miss Jenny from the block seems more 90’s pop star princess with her flared pants. While we are on that note, metallics, fringe, and 90’s flare… also not working.

And if you need further inspiration before you are convinced that this really is a great shape, look no further than right here! Folake does the 70’s proud with her soulful, yet totally now, take on bell bottoms. And Vanessa shows how rock n’roll cool you can look in flared pants.

Also, don’t think this trend is only for the impossibly tall! Remember they are best worn with heels, and if you don’t wear overly flared versions, you won’t be swallowed alive. Plus, I can’t emphasize enough the great lines this fit creates! So get out of your skinny jean funk, and into some funky bells!

**Hope you enjoyed this new part of the Style Cutouts section. If you want advice on how to style the latest trends, whether it’s from me or another blogger, I’ll find it for you and you can find the answers to your style questions right here in this section on The JPD!**


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