Vacation All I Ever Wanted

I’m baaaaa-aaaacccckkk! Just had an awesome Spring Break in Williamsburg, VA! Even though the best places like Busch Gardens and other amusement parks weren’t open yet, me and my honey bunny still found a lot to do. My favorite part of the week was making a spontaneous decision to go to Virginia Beach one morning. So awesome eating vanilla ice cream in waffle cones while strolling the boardwalk! Professing our love to the world in sand…

Spotting a dead bird in the sand, running away, and screaming (yes, both of us… like tiny pre-pubescent girls); not so awesome.

Fun Times:

  • Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum
  • Seeing The Adjustment Bureau and Red Riding Hood and being served tasty deliciousness in the theatre by awesomely nice waiters.
  • Shopping in Yankee Candle Village (O-M-G! I never thought shopping for candles could be so much fun until we randomly decided to go here).
  • Eating giant chocolate covered strawberry’s, funnel cake and Uncle Dave’s original kettle corn (You’ve gotta try that stuff!)
  • After a year of no Sonic’s, finally getting to eat Sonic burgers, footlong cheese coney’s, caramel shakes, and orange creamslushes.
  • Getting all dressed up and going out for a dinner date on our last night.

A bit of Sadness:

  • Getting sick the day before leaving (just like I did right before we went there for NYE!) and being sick pretty much the whole week. Runny nose, coughing, sneezing, high temp, the works.
  • Going to the Premium Outlets with intentions to spend at least $100 on gorgeousness and walking away empty handed because nothing seemed to fit or look right.
  • Seeing Miguel’s All I Want Is You album (last in stock) and buying it for the road trip, having to return it because the cd is NOT inside when I open the package, finding the cd in another store and “hiding” it so I can get it when I return, and coming back the next day to find it gone (of course, it was the last in stock too).

More Fun Times:

  • It’s okay though, we ended up spending the whole time in the car reading The Year It Snowed In April by Eva Bottier, instead of listening to music on the radio.
  • Buying my graduation announcements and senior pictures! They were expensive, but I’m glad they’re finally on their way! 🙂
  • Getting stuck in traffic on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge because people were stopping to watch a guy in a boat get rescued by an officer jumping out of a helicopter into the water for him. Boyfriend was excited about that one being that he wants to go into the criminal justice field and all.

This vacation was a wonderful break from the congested busyness that had become my life recently. Now it’s time to go back to the crying kiddies, insane exams on what should be easy world geography, and anxiously awaiting on my school to give me my financial aid so I can GRADUATE!


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