Unexpected Flashback

Back in the day… though not too long ago, I was a HUGE B2K fan. And as a self-proclaimed teeny-bopper, I forced myself to like everything they endorsed… including some amazingly attractive girl named Jhene who they promoted HARD and whose songs/snippets were tagged at the end of several of their albums. I side-eyed her at first, but not too much more after the popular boy group claimed that she was Lil Fizz’s (the “rapper” of the group and the love of my life during my tweens) cousin.

I let the flimsy lie go and listened to some of her songs, and actually thought she had a pretty good voice. Unfortunately for the members of B2K, they lied and threw her name on the table for nothing, because her debut album was never released.

After years of being off the music scene, she’s back with a mixtape: Sailing Soul(s).

 I heard a few people say that it was a good mixtape so I downloaded it from her website and listened. It’s actually not too bad! So far my favorite tracks are “Stranger,” “My Mine,” “Sailing NOT Selling” (a collab with Kanye West), “Higher,” and “You vs. Them.” She also has a few collaborations with Drake, Gucci, and Miguel. I definitely liked it better the second time around. I had to get used to the soft sound of her voice again. But make no mistake, she can maneuver through those runs with ease. AND, just as impressive, she wrote all but one of the songs on the twelve track mixtape.

What do you think about the mixtape? Yay or nay?


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