Inspiration Board: In The Trenches

Top Row: Asos Yumi Splash Print Trench $68.13*, Kohl’s Lauren Conrad Trench Coat $53.99*, Kohl’s Dana Buchman Animal Trench Jacket $45.60

Middle Row: Ruche Carmen San Diego Khaki Trench Coat $59.99*, Modcloth Wisen Up Coat $34.99, Kohl’s Apt. 9 Twill Trench Coat $54.99*, Modcloth Tell the Chartreuse Coat $57.99*

Bottom Row: Old Navy Twill Button-Front Trench Coat $49.50, Asos Pleated Swing Funnel Trench $60.96*, Modcloth Tussie-Mussie Trench $59.99*, Target Mossimo Belted Jacket $49.99

*Over $50 Limit. It’s a bit difficult to find trench coats $50 and under, but most of these are $60 or less. Hurry before they’re gone!


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