What’s In A Name?

How did I get my name? Who chose it and why?

Rawr! Hear me roar.

I bear the same name as the lead character in The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you to find it. It’s even a movie! Darryl Hannah plays the lead. Find it? You sure? Good! Keep going…

Growing up, I never liked my name. No one could pronounce it or spell it. I could never find it on those name plates/bracelets in souvenir shops. And all my friends had names like Ashley and Brittany. I wanted a “normal” name too. I asked my mom, why did you give me such a strange name? I told her I was going to change it when I was old enough. Probably to one of the two names I heard so often. And she told me that she originally thought of names like Taylor, but she changed her mind after reading the first book from Auel’s series, because she thought the lead character was such a strong girl/woman and she wished the same trait for me.

One summer I finally decided to read the first book (we had the first three from the series in my house and yes, we have the movie too). Let me tell you right now, these are NOT small books. They are THICK. I love to read and the plot was great, ripe with twists and turns, etc…, but I’m surprised I read the whole thing. Even Shakespeare’s works were easier to read. I would’ve watched the movie, but we didn’t get that until after I read the book. But for me, the most interesting part about reading the book had nothing to do with the story or author. There’s a certain point in our copy of the book when a particular name is highlighted in yellow to the end of the book. THAT, I realized, is when my mom chose my name.

Do I think that I have fulfilled my mom’s wish? In the times of hardship in my life, not really… but I’ve tried to. Those on the outside looking in have told me that I have… I was/am strong.

The meaning...

What’s in a name? Hope, promise, dreams, respect, and maybe more. Hmm… maybe mom was right in giving me such an uncommon namesake. What does my name mean? In Hebrew, it means “the oak tree.” In Turkish, it means “moonlight.” I am as strong as the mighty oak and as enchanting as the daughter of the moon. I am me and I love my name.


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