FashionJuice’s How To Wear The Midi Skirt Trend

Mini Skirts? Overdone. Maxi? Same thing! So how about doing the Midi? You may think it’s not your style or that it doesn’t suit you. So perhaps FashionJuice can help in that department with these tips on how to wear mid length skirts this season!

First off, I used to hate midi skirts. I find my legs/thighs big for my body. Midi skirts tend to emphasize that. But now, I noticed I’ve overcome the fear of wearing them with the help of heels and the right length. How? Here are some tips Continue reading


The Help

I read the novel back in January and I… can’t… wait to see the film! Excellent book! No need for a review, just go get it and read it. You won’t be disappointed!

Keep Your Head To The Sky

I’ve been working overtime the past three days and I am SO exhausted! But I’m expecting a nice little check soon. Providing child care at the Ritz Carlton = cha ching! No?

I’m so relieved and excited that I’ll be graduating in May! I wasted no time sending out the first batch of invitations. I’ll be sending out the rest to my family and friends this weekend.

Speaking of graduation and work, most of the donations I received to keep me in school ended up being early graduation presents for me. Hopefully, with this overtime I’ve been putting in the past few days, I can start to save up a little for what I really want, a digital SLR camera. Any suggestions on a good, but inexpensive camera for beginners?

What I’m looking for: Continue reading

Problem Solved!

I WILL be graduating on May 14th! Getting reinstated didn’t come without a fight though. But I feel like I can look forward to graduation now without worry! I can finally be happy! Now I just have to send out those invitations!

It’s time for some happy music!

“Golden” – Jill Scott

and some NEW music from one of my favorite singers… Musiq Soulchild!

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Bacon Obssession

In reference to today’s blog challenge topic… can somebody please explain to me the current obssession with bacon? I don’t get it. I mean bacon is okay, I like bacon for breakfast and in some of my burgers. But I’ve seen bacon toothpics, bacon maple syrup, bacon floss, bacon lip balm, bacon wallets, etc… (all of which sounds disgusting by the way), but I don’t understand what all the hubbub is about.

Do you know what the obssession is with bacon? Do you like bacon? Has bacon’s newfound popularity made you hate it now?