Juelz For Japan

After seeing news footage of the natural disaster in Japan, 6-year-old Julez Smith was highly affected and, after some conversations with mom, Solange Knowles, he decided he wanted to do something to help out.

Solange tweeted this pic of Juelz painting away

The Creation: Juelz created a watercolor painting inspired by the Japanese flag, which will be printed on T-shirts and sold to benefit the relief effort. All proceeds from the project are going to Peace Winds Japan, a non-profit working to deliver disaster relief.

The Story: “It’s been amazing to show Julez the power of an idea. He asked me how the people who lost homes were going to have access to food and clothes. I told him a lot of them were going to depend on donations and he replied ‘I want to donate’. I thought about things he could do to raise money, I wanted him to contribute in his own way and he loves creating art, and that’s how the entire idea came together. We are so looking forward to doing our part in giving to Japan during this extremely hard time.” – Solange Knowles

The Name: The project is called Julez for Japan. Shirts are available in kid’s, women’s, and men’s sizes and sold online domestically & internationally right here.

What an awesome and thoughtful idea. Let’s work together to support Japan! 🙂


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