I Want It So Bad I Can Taste It

Forgive me for not posting much content this week. School has me so STRESSED!!!!

*Edit: Okay, I guess I posted more than I thought I did since I had a few editorials queued up.*

Here’s why school has me stressed: I was scheduled to graduate in December 2010. One requirement for graduating seniors at Howard University is to have a senior interview to discuss courses taken and to confirm the graduation date. During my interview, my academic advisor told me that I would have to take another course, because one that I had already taken would not count toward both of my minor and school-wide requirements, only for my minor. Because of this, I had to go to school one more semester for one class.

At the beginning of the school year I was offered the Trustee scholarship and a Pell Grant, which would cover the cost of both the fall and spring semester tuition. I accepted the rewards. However, two weeks ago, I was informed that the scholarship and grant had not been dispersed to pay for my tuition because I am not a full time student this semester (I was unaware I had to be a full time student to receive these financial awards). With my tuition not being paid, they dropped me out of the class earlier this week (purged me from the course). They never informed me that I had been purged, I found out through someone working in the financial department that was helping me to find funding. I have already gotten through more than half of the course. I actually took a test the day before they purged me. After speaking to enrollment management, they told me I could not be reinstated and would have to take the class next semester.

After talking to several people in the financial aid departments, my academic advisor, the trustee, enrollment management, and student accounts; I was informed that I have until Tuesday to come up with $4300 or I will not be graduating in May. I have applied for many loans, but have not found a co-signer. My only option is to ask for donations, which is what I’m in the process of doing right now. Family and friends have already contributed $2200, but I still have $2100 to go. Wish me luck with this.


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