FashionJuice’s How To Wear The Midi Skirt Trend

Mini Skirts? Overdone. Maxi? Same thing! So how about doing the Midi? You may think it’s not your style or that it doesn’t suit you. So perhaps FashionJuice can help in that department with these tips on how to wear mid length skirts this season!

First off, I used to hate midi skirts. I find my legs/thighs big for my body. Midi skirts tend to emphasize that. But now, I noticed I’ve overcome the fear of wearing them with the help of heels and the right length. How? Here are some tips shown with the help of our fellow fashionistas from the Chictopia Community!
by Cris (FashionJuice)

MIDI: The Right Length

Midi skirts aren’t exactly ideal for showing off the legs. In fact, you may find that they cut your legs at the wrong length, making it look wider or bigger than it is. Choosing the right length is key. Find a hem that doesn’t emphasize or cut your legs at their widest parts! When you find the perfect length that suits you, you’ll find that their not hard to pull off after all! And in case you couldn’t find any, perhaps choosing a shorter maxi and adjusting it on your own will do the trick. Look at these fellow fashionistas and see where the length of their midi’s ends.

High Waist Midi for Lengthy legs

Mini skirts show off legs that make you look taller than usual. Maxi skirts are long and lengthy, giving an illusion of longer legs too. But how about the Midi? They break up the legs and won’t give you that long lean legs that you want, but by wearing them high above the waist, will actually help you achieve that lengthy legs!

Keep the Look Sexy with Sheer Midi’s!

In order to keep the look sexy (since it’s not mini), why not try sheer Midi skirts? Try sheer ones that have shorter lining inside to give it that short skirt effect.

The Popular Trick: Wear Midi’s with Heels

We all know this trick. If you want to show off long lean legs, the key is to wear it with heels. Midi Skirts are perfect for wearing your most beloved heels – be it stilettos, wedges, clogs or pumps.

So now are you willing to try the MIDI skirt? Go ahead! Freshen up your look with these mid-length skirts for Spring and Summer!

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