Well Dust Bunnies… I Spent Too Much

A few weeks ago, me and my mr. hunny bunny were looking through some of his family’s old photos. They were stored in a big huge tattered bag. My hunny bunny had the bright idea of buying a photo album for them. I agreed and said we should surprise his grandma with it for her birthday.

We only got through 6 pages before we realized that the random coughing fit that mr. hb was having was caused by the dusty photos. He couldn’t find a face mask and decided to just wear an old ski mask he had. Poor hunny bunny… looked so pitiful with that mask as he worked dutifully for 40 minutes on just ONE page (front & back), while I did the other 19 pages. I know, I’m such a good girlfriend. Hahahaha… But he was a good boy because he made brownies for us since he couldn’t be around all the dust.

Looking Forward To: Today, we’re finally going to give his grandmother the photo album. I can’t wait to see her reaction! It’s still not done (we’re adding more pages later), but I think we’ve got all the closest family members and most of the highlights in there. 🙂

Recently Bought:

So this is actually several things I bought this month and last month…

Shoes: JustFab.com’s Aurora style in brown, Bag: Target (yes, the same one that Proenza Schouler is mad at Target for “copying”), and Crochet Cardigan: H&M (On sale for just $10!)

Shameless Advertising: Join JustFab.com for a great selection of shoes and bags for just $39.95 each!

Three beautiful maxi dresses that I bought from Ross for under $20 each (SO ready for summer weather!)

And my splurge of the year (honestly)… my Adam crepe pencil skirt from The Outnet ($78). I have never paid this much for a skirt in my life and never will again. And to think, it was on sale for 70% off! This particular skirt has been on my wishlist for a whole YEAR! I had to get it! lol

Total in April: Approximately $76.95

Total in May: Approximately $126 (Too much right? Yeah, I agree)


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