How To: Pack Light and Look Awesome On Vacation

I’ll be going on vacation in a few weeks and just happened to see this article written by Naomayyy on Chictopia. I just had to bookmark it! Hope you find it as helpful as I did!

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The Reason

A memo to him:

I thought I had you.

I guess you ran out of patience,

 or maybe you thought I was too high maintenance.

No, that can’t be it. You just wanted to quit…

while you were ahead. Enough said.

I guess I wasn’t enough for you.

It’s true, I feel let down because I waited around.

Hoping and praying that you would too.

So far removed, you forgot about me.

You must’ve thought I forgot about you.

A memo to you:

Higher and higher we go.

I don’t want to come back down.

Your love got me high.

[Cue Groove Theory’s “You’re Not The 1”]

Indeed, it’s true. Everything does happen for a reason. Case in point… the reason I didn’t end up with him is because he wasn’t the right one for me. We’re on two different pages. Always have been, always will be. Though I desperately wanted us to be, it wasn’t our fate. Now I realize he could never be as perfect for me as you are. The man I’m with now is the right one. The only one. My best friend and lover.

I Been Sitting and Waiting, But Now I’m Boiling

My longest grudge? It was Christmas time not so long ago and I was home from school until the New Year. I had plans to hang out with all of my closest friends. One in particular was like the  sister I never had. My mom used to babysit her before I came along (she loved to tell the story about how she went through the “jealous of the new baby” stage). She was the friend that you took baths with and stayed up all night playing Barbies with as a kid, sang karaoke with, and told ALL of your secrets to. The kind that you can not talk to for a month and when you do talk it’s like you didn’t miss a beat in each other’s lives. She was THAT friend.

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Shop My Closet: Part 2

I’m ebay-ing more clothes and shoes this month! Don’t miss out! This time you can bid in the auction or buy it now! Your choice! Check it out here!

I have good/bad news though. The good news? I just added more items! Yay! Bad news? The Madden Girl by Steve Madden ankle boots (similar to the “sesame” and “singsing” styles) that I was going to list will not be added at the moment because the size is not printed on the shoe and I can’t remember what it was. AND (this is the best part) as I was writing up the description, I started missing them already… even though I’ve only worn them once. *sheepish grin*

I’m going to be cleaning out my closet soon so more items may be added. Don’t worry though, I’ll give you a heads up if I do list more items.

Claudia Kishi’s Street [Style] Symphony

Blog I’m Browsing: What Claudia Wore

Fashion and The Babysitters Club all rolled up into one. Genius! It makes perfect sense! Especially since this blog focuses mostly on Claudia Kishi’s attire. And the captions/thought bubbles with Claudia’s famous misspellings are a cute touch.

Another blog I’m browsing (courtesy of What Claudia Wore) is ENTROPIFICUS. This blog takes Claudia Kishi’s wardrobe to a whole ‘nother level by posting modern day illustrations of her outfits as described in the BSC books. Case in point…

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