The Reason

A memo to him:

I thought I had you.

I guess you ran out of patience,

 or maybe you thought I was too high maintenance.

No, that can’t be it. You just wanted to quit…

while you were ahead. Enough said.

I guess I wasn’t enough for you.

It’s true, I feel let down because I waited around.

Hoping and praying that you would too.

So far removed, you forgot about me.

You must’ve thought I forgot about you.

A memo to you:

Higher and higher we go.

I don’t want to come back down.

Your love got me high.

[Cue Groove Theory’s “You’re Not The 1”]

Indeed, it’s true. Everything does happen for a reason. Case in point… the reason I didn’t end up with him is because he wasn’t the right one for me. We’re on two different pages. Always have been, always will be. Though I desperately wanted us to be, it wasn’t our fate. Now I realize he could never be as perfect for me as you are. The man I’m with now is the right one. The only one. My best friend and lover.


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