How To: Pack Light and Look Awesome On Vacation

I’ll be going on vacation in a few weeks and just happened to see this article written by Naomayyy on Chictopia. I just had to bookmark it! Hope you find it as helpful as I did!

Think of how amazing it would be to pack everything for your summer getaway into one suitcase. You would have everything you would need to lounge by the pool or dance the night away all in one place. Seems daunting, right? But if you follow tips from fellow Chictopians, and our must have list for vacation, this goal will seem a lot more attainable.

Mix and match these pieces for the perfect summery outfits

1. A SWIMSUIT: What would a summer getaway be without one? If you are thinking of getting active with some surfing and wakeboarding stick to a one piece if not cute one piece will work.

2. A BLACK MAXI DRESS OR ROMPER: Pick one! Depending on the material and style of the romper or maxi, you can dress it up or down. You can use this as a cover up, casually, or dress it up at night with some accessories.

3. SANDALS: It’s probably going to be hot where you are headed, and water may be involved. Sandals are the top pick for walking around on the beach or though the mall.

4. SHORTS: Super comfy and versatile, what’s not to like? Denim ones are good for the day, but if you get some high waisted ones in a nice material, they would look great at night.

5. A BOLD SHIRT: Think big bright stripes or a distinctive print. It is easy to wear and doesn’t need much else to look great. Pair it with the shorts or layer it on top of the maxi dress.

6. SUNGLASSES: Protect your eyes and face together by taking a oversized pair! It’s like two for one. But seriously, eye protection is a must when you’re out in the sun for extended periods of time.

7. SUN HAT: Fedora, boater, or floppy take your pick. You need sun protection during the summer, it’s an essential.

8. YOUR FOUNDATION Keep it light and easy to apply, so you don’t need to pack a brush to apply it. Try a tinted moisturizer.

9. AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE: It says electronic device for a reason! If you don’t need your laptop don’t take it with you. Take an iPod or tablet instead. Your check if your hotel has computers if you need to use the computer. But take something to prevent boredom while traveling.

10. CHARGER: For whatever electronic you chose to take above.

11. A JACKET: Linen blazers and denim jackets are perfect for those breezy summer nights. You can use it to dress up what you chose in number two and go out for a nice dinner.

12. DRESSY SHOES: This entails many things, from a pair of wedges to pumps, whatever. But dressy shoes can easily take and outfit from day to night. A bright pair of pumps would look great in the tropics.

13. A STATEMENT PIECE OF JEWLERY: Added to a outfit with the maxi, shorts, or romper and dressy shoes the outfit can be transformed for a semi formal dinner. Think a big pair of chandelier earrings or a bold gold necklace.

14. BRIGHT LIPSTICK: A swipe of this will make you look like you got your full eight hours of sleep last night, and is also good as a day to night transition piece.

15. SUNSCREEN: Sunburn isn’t fun or cute, prevent it by always toting around a good sunscreen. Remember to reapply often when you’re out!

This is everything that would go into your bag. But, you can cheat with what you wear on the plane or car ride there! For your travel outfit include comfy flats, a tank top, jeans, a light cardigan, a light scarf and a huge tote bag. These will be great to mix and match with the pieces in your bag.


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