Natascha from In Search of Little Sadie has just posted a Q&A that I thought I’d go ahead and respond to, so here goes…


  • Favorite color: Purple, but Teal is slowly starting to become my favorite too.
    Favorite fruit: Strawberry
    Something that makes me happy: The infants and pre-toddlers I take care of at work.
    Shoe size: 6 – 7
    Do you smoke? No
    Do you drink? Occasionally
    Do you take drugs? No
    Age you get mistaken for: 16-19
    Have tattoos? No
    Want any tattoos? Yes… not sure of what it will be, but it will most likely be small and hidden.
    Got any piercings? Yes; 3 (2 earlobes and 1 cartilage)
    Want any piercings? I kind of want a nose piercing with a tiny miniscule diamond earring.
    Relationship status: Taken
    Biggest turn on: Sense of humor
    Biggest turn off: Know-it-all’s with bad attitudes/Snobs
    Someone you miss: My mom
    A fact about your personality: I worry and think about things too much.
    What I want to be when I get older: Good at everything I do/Successful
    My relationship with my parents: Great! My mom wasn’t just a mom, she was my friend too. My dad is the best daddy in the world! 🙂
    My idea of a perfect date: An intimate concert with late night dinner or movie in the park and strolling the boardwalk with ice cream cones.
    A description of the girl/boy I like: My boyfriend… much taller than me, football player physique, dark chocolate (yum), and cute smile.
    What my last text message says: “wakey wakey eggs and bakey”
    Where I would like to live: Somewhere that always feels like a dream vacation.
    My childhood career choice: Archeologist
    My favorite ice cream: Haagen Daz Strawberry
    Who I wish I could be: I don’t wish I could be anybody, but I do wish I had a body like Beyonce or Rihanna (I want to be toned and slim, but still have my curves).
    Where I want to be right now: Right where I am now… in my cuddly bed under my warm covers… with the a/c  on.
    The last thing I ate: Chicken strips and fries with honey mustard and ketchup, respectively
    A random fact about anything: Hugh Laurie (aka Dr. House) makes an appearance in Spice World… I learned this last night when I was watching the Spice Girls movie (it was on tv and I just couldn’t help it! lol)

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