Project Runway Season 9 Premiere!

Heidi, Michael, Nina, and Tim are back! I’m super excited for this season of Project Runway! If you’ve been following me since I started my Tumblr, then you know I always give a recap of each episode and list my top 5 favorite designs and worst 5 designs (in no particular order). Here I go again for another round!

The Challenge: Each designer had to create a garment out of the pajamas they were wearing and a sheet from their bed.

Guest Judge: Christina Ricci

Interesting Observations: Anya has only been sewing for 4 months (self-taught)… I wonder how this will work out for her. I was actually surprised at how well she did in this challenge.

My Top 5:

From Left to Right – Bryce, Joshua M., Laura, Fallene, and Danielle

My Bottom 5:

From Left to Right – Julie, Kimberly, Olivier, Rafael, and Joshua C.


Left – Becky (Color and print placement are perfect together); Right – Viktor (Crisp and ladylike)


Left – Bert (Challenge Winner; I hate the shape of the dress though and the hair/makeup look so outdated); Right – Cecilia (I see this look at least once a day, nothing special at all)


Left – Anthony (I like the colors used and the lace); Right – Anya (It’s painfully obvious this was Anya’s first time sewing pants… from the front. But the back of the pants fit the model perfectly which is why I put her under this category. The top, however, is horrid even with the racerback!)

I never reveal who was eliminated (until the next week), but I can tell you one of my bottom picks was one to go. Which were your favorites/worsts?

All photos from Blogging Project Runway


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