Nonsense and Foolishness!

*Begin rant*

It’s really, truly nonsense that I’m having such a hard time not thinking about him, even after I’ve been away for so long without contact. Not only that, but we’re both in our own serious relationships. So why can’t I just let it go already? Maybe it’s because I nurtured these feelings for him so long, it’s become sort of like my baby. It’s hard to leave something you created out of love.

And PLEASE for the love of all that is holy get that other foolish idiot out of my mind! Though I was pleased to receive that message from him awhile back (the email asking how I was doing) and was even more delighted that I was mischievous enough not to respond back, I still just want to throw all of my memories of him to a shark that will gladly and selfishly attack all of them.

Um… Mr. Shark? Can you eat that terrible monstrous baby I created too? Please and thank you!

*End rant*


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