Project Runway Season 9 Episode 4

The Challenge: The designers must create a garment for Nina Garcia, who will wear the winning look to a big industry function.

Guest Judges: Joanna Coles (fashion editor) and Kerry Washington (actress)

Interesting Observations:

  • C’mon Viktor… Don’t be a little snitch!
  • Really Cecilia? You know you don’t want to be there anymore yet you don’t say anything when you have the opportunity? You just took away someone else’s chance just like that?

My Top 5: Viktor, Kimberly (Challenge Winner), Bert, Becky, and Josh M.

My Bottom 3: Anthony, Cecilia, and Julie


Like: Bryce (The dress was pretty, but the hem was awful!)

Hate: Left – Anya (The judges loved it. Only thing I liked about this was the color.); Right – Olivier (I just don’t like the top at all or the colors used)

In-Between: Left – Danielle (I kind of like the top, but it’s not anything special or something I could see Nina wearing. Too plain); Right – Laura (I like the color of the dress and the shape, but I hate the hanging part on the sleeves and the see through stripes on the bottom)

Once again, one person from one of my bottom picks was sent home. Which were your favorites/worsts?

All photos from Blogging Project Runway and


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