Rolling In The Deep… We Could’ve Had It All

This past weekend me and my honey bunches of oats participated in a desserts contest at his church. First place wins an iPad 2! After I searched and searched for unique cake recipes, like a root beer float cake and pink grapefruit yogurt cake, he decides he wants to make a pound cake.

A pound cake! Of all desserts to make, he chooses a pound cake! Everybody and their mother makes pound cake! And when I try to tell him we should do something that’s different that no one else will have like brown sugar – apple cheesecake, he says it’s too hard to make. Sigh… he says the pound cake recipe he’s chosen is different because it’s a cream cheese pound cake. Let me tell you, it is the SAME THING as a regular pound cake. It didn’t taste bad, it was okay; but we’ve had better. It was WAY too rich… after two bites I needed a glass of water. And we definitely lost points on originality and creativity. Surely enough we lost that iPad 2, as well. He should’ve listened to me. Next time I’ll follow my instincts and go with a dessert no one’s ever heard of or tasted.


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