After The Hurricane

The hurricane that hit the East coast this weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to do another DIY. Yesterday, I made a jewelry branch like the one featured on Because I’m Addicted. If ever there was a time to look for a big thick branch for a project, right after the hurricane passed was it! So how did it turn out?

Lovely! Now, here’s how I did it…

1. Gather your materials. You’ll need: A sturdy branch, sturdy rope (I used nylon cord from Lowe’s), pencil or marker, tack nails or decorative tack pins, hammer, and a nail to hang your branch. Optional: You may also need a wood cutter if you want to cut your branch to a smaller size.

2. Cut your branch to the size you want it to be (I had my Mr. to do the hard labor for me. lol)

3. Mark your branch with a pencil/marker every 3.5 inches (you can also mark it every 2 inches as shown in BIA’s video, whichever you prefer to do). Leave 3.5 (or 2) inches open on the ends.

4. Push in the decorative tack pins or hammer in your tack nails in the marked spots.

5. Measure and cut your rope three times the length of your branch.

6. Wrap each end of the rope around the ends of the branch three times and double knot.

7. Hammer nail into your display wall and hang your new jewelry branch! Add jewelry!


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