Creating Your Own Personal Style

I was reading College Fashion’s article on How To Develop Your Own Personal Style and thought I’d share how I define my own personal style (according to the article).

1. Determine Your Colors: To find your colors you have to assess your hair color, skin color, and eye color. This assessment will determine your “season” and give you a personal color scheme. I actually fall into a couple of seasons: deep autumn and deep winter and these are my colors schemes (respectively)…

Deep Autumn

Deep Winter

2. Choose a Style Trademark: This is a signature item or style. I tend to gravitate toward stud earrings. Diamond studs, pearl studs, gold studs… I love them all! Another signature of mine? Stripes! I also have a very minimalistic style. I don’t like to wear fussy clothes or too much jewelry.

3. Embrace Your Shape: Whether you’re an apple, hourglass, pear, or boyish shaped, knowing your body shape will drastically improve your style. It allows you to highlight your body’s best features! My body shape is pear.

4. Create A Personal Look Book/Inspiration Folder: Collect photos from magazines, websites, etc. that you like and save them in a folder or create a collage. I’ve actually already been doing this for several years and found that it really is helpful to hone in on your style. I collect photos of clothing from catalogues, styles in fashion mags, beauty products I want to try, hairstyles, and many other categories too (like books, recipes, home decor). I keep all the pics in a binder.

At the end of the year, I create a collaged look book (pages from my lookbook below). I find that I tend to purchase a lot of these items (or similar items) over the year.

5. Mix it up –  Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed: Mixing your new items with vintage and thrifted items creates a look that’s uniquely yours. Some of these items were borrowed and some were thrifted.

What’s your personal style? Do you have a signature?


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