Project Runway Season 9 Episode 6

The Challenge: Each designer must work on a piece of art with an art student and use that artwork as inspiration for their avant garde design.

Guest Judges: Kenneth Cole (designer) and Zanna Roberts (Senior Fashion Editor of Marie Claire)

Top 3: Anthony Ryan [Challenge Winner; His dress was perfect and reflected the artwork wonderfully], Josh M. (Loved the “wood grain” painted skirt), Becky (It’s beautiful, but I just wish she would’ve used the green colored lining all the way down the length of the dress.)

Bottom 3: Bert (Too literal for my liking — though Heidi loved that it was literal– and the shape was horrible!), Olivier (Too hard and structured. Hated the colors he used), Bryce (A long exaggerated red straight jacket in dress form… seriously?)

Like: Josh C. (I understood the design once he explained it, but it wasn’t Avant Garde. He should’ve added spikes to represent the wolf fur or something), Anya (Love the modern victorian gown), Viktor (Dreamy, but a little Michelin tire-esque on the long sleeved arm and around the torso.I do like the way it flows and the colors. Perfect representation too!)

Hate: Laura (It looks like Belle’s dress — of Beauty and The Beast fame– only shredded. The judges liked it though)

In-Between: Kimberly (It looks like it’s supposed to — a bird. I like the “tail,” but the headwrap adds nothing to the look)

I wasn’t surprised by who went home this week. So which piece do you think was the best/worst?

All photos from and Blogging Project Runway


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