H&M Nail Polish Review

I bought this small collection of five H&M nail polishes. The colors are Petrol (teal), Mustard, Berry (fuschia), Coral (hot pink), and Purple. So how did they hold up? Did they last a long time? Do they chip easily? Were they worth the $6 and change I paid for them? Find out after the jump!

Application: All of the polishes (with the exception of “mustard”) was a bit thick when I applied it on my nails, but as it dried you could see through it to my nail in various spots. A second coat is a MUST!

Drying Time: Not the quickest, but it’s not extremely slow. I’d say it takes a few minutes.

Colors: Vibrant! Purple, berry, and Petrol are gorgeous! Coral is pretty. Mustard is a pretty color, but looks terrible with my caramel skin tone (something I already knew before trying). I would only use mustard for nail designs.

Duration: Usually I try to put on a topcoat, but I was in a bit of a rush when I tried the purple and coral. Purple stays on surprisingly well without a topcoat. Coral lasted a day and a half without topcoat before it started chipping. Berry lasts a long time with/without topcoat. I’m talking almost a full week. I can’t say how long mustard lasts because I have only applied and immediately removed the color simply because I did not like how it looked on me.

Overall: This collection would get 4/5 stars. I’d say that the collection was worth the purchase. They last well and are very pretty colors. Great for summer transitioning into fall.


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