Project Runway Season 9 Episode 8

The Challenge: Design a look for a client’s wife or girlfriend.

Guest Judge: Malin Akerman

My Top 3: Anya, Viktor, and Josh M. [Challenge Winner]

My Bottom 3: Olivier (I hate the top and the bottom, immensely), Bryce (I like the style, but the fit is completely off), Kimberly (This dress is too short and tight. I don’t like this silhouette on the client’s body shape at all)

Like: Bert (The dress is too short and simple, but it looks great on his client and it’s what she wanted), Laura (The dress looks good on her client’s body and the color is pretty. It’s nothing spectacular though)

In-Between: Anthony (The client liked the dress, but it’s too simple and the colors are reminiscent of a cheerleading uniform. The dress is boring, but at least it fit her like a glove)

Once again, I wasn’t surprised by who went home this week. So which piece do you think was the best/worst?

All pictures from Blogging Project Runway


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