Project Runway Season 9 Episode 9

The Challenge: In two teams of 4, the designers must create “image-making threads” for the rock band the Sheepdogs. The band must look somewhat cohesive, however, they will be judged individually.

Guest Judge: Adam Lambert

Observations (this goes for episode 8 too): Olivier is so freaking slow (no time management skills whatsoever), whiny, and annoying. Newsflash Olivier — Nobody cares that you don’t like the challenges. So what if it’s not something you like, it’s a challenge. They are trying to determine what you can do! And seriously, when you have clients that want something a particular way, do it! Don’t argue! YOU’RE not the one wearing it! They are! And stop calling people “fat”… asshole. *End of rant*

Team Harmony: Anthony, Bert, Anya, and Laura

Team Untitled: Josh M., Olivier, Viktor, and Kimberly

My Top 3: Josh M. (The pant looks great. I like the zippered crotch. I like the print on the shirt. I hate the vest though), Bert (I like the modern galaxy tie-dye and the pinstriped pant works very well with the top), and Laura (The tie-dye shirt, printed jacket, and scarf… I loved it all)

My Bottom 3:  Anya (Good construction? Non-existent. Costumey? Unbelievably so), Kimberly (Looks like he works in a bowling alley! That shirt? Bowling league chic… Micheal Kors read my mind), and Olivier (The print on the shirt is too girly and floral. It could be in a women’s magazine. The shirt is also too short. The pants took away some of the femininity of the shirt, but they still didn’t look like they were made well)

Like: Anthony Ryan (I like the pant, and the shirt works well with the pant)

Hate: Viktor (The jacket is interesting, but the printed shirt is ugly. The jeans were nice, but the holes torn in the knee looked a bit forced, not natural at all. It took away from the look) [Challenge Winner]

Not surprised at who went home. I welcome the decision, actually. So which outfits do you think were the best/worst?

All pictures from Blogging Project Runway


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