DIY Cosmic Journey

Two weeks ago I jumped on the DIY blogger bandwagon and decided to attempt to create a random galaxy printed item. I bought black, purple, honey, and white acrylic paint and started revamping an inexpensive pair of slip-ons I’d bought a long time ago. Using a mix of techniques from ddisorder’s cosmic shoe tutorial (formerly goth school reform) and Le Chic Lapin’s galactic blazer video tutorial, I created these:

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World Wide Woman

My sophomore year of high school I went on an EF tour with my Spanish teacher and a group of students, including two of my best friends (my father was one of our chaperones). We traveled overseas to Spain and went to several different cities: Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Cordoba, Barcelona, and more. My favorite city was Barcelona. So when I found these videos from EF, it just brought back so many memories and made me ache to go back to Spain. It also has me itching to visit London and France someday, but first it’d be nice to learn the basics of the French language.

Via Albin Holmqvist

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 11

The Challenge: The designers and a teammate must go head to head and create high fashion designs inspired by exotic birds.

Guest Judge: Francisco Costa (fashion figure)

Best Designs: Anya [Challenge Winner] (Once again, she made another gorgeous design. It’s definitely not a boring black dress, the detailing keeps you interested. It’s edgy and isn’t literally feathered or shaped like a bird.) ; Viktor (Though the judges thought this dress was too literal, I thought it was beautiful. Very flowy and airy. There were a few too many feathers, but it didn’t break the look for me.)

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It’s A Holiday… Pardon Me As I Celebrate

Life update! I haven’t done one of these in awhile! First thing’s first: Of course, I celebrated my 23rd birthday last month with my two best friends (who flew all the way here from Kansas City for me). We decorated the birthday cake that my sweetums bought me, had dinner at Wildfire, and everyone gave me wonderful gifts!

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