Project Runway Season 9 Episode 10

The Challenge: The designers must create two fashions inspired by the 70s.

Guest Judge: Olivia Palermo

Best Designs: Anya [Challenge Winner] (Gorgeous prints! She’s a master with prints and I love the styles of the dress and jumpsuit)

Worst Design: Laura (The printed dress is completely mismatched and does not make sense at all. The gray top and black pant is boring)

Like: Kimberly (Her jumpsuit is very modern 70s. Love it! The skirt and top are mediocre though. Nothing super special)

Hate: Anthony (You can find that maxi dress in a couple of stores at the moment actually and the vest, skirt, and top ensemble is not my favorite. I find these to be too dull.); Joshua M. (Over the top! The red top with that neckline and the plaid pants is just entirely too much. Less is more, Joshua. The printed dress is boring and too common. Enough said.)

In-Between: Bert (Snoozefest! The minidress is extremely boring. The sheer tunic dress is way too sparkly, BUT the cut of it and how it flows looks stunning. It reveals just enough leg to make it sexy.); Viktor (The pantsuit is a cute idea, but it looks so stiff. The t-shirt under the suit jacket is really cute. The dress is just okay. I feel like he could do better, but it’s certainly not the worst.)

I’m not happy with who got the boot, but somebody had to go. So which outfits do you think were the best/worst?

All pictures from Blogging Project Runway


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