Inspiration Board: Tempting & Sexy… Two Understatements Of What You Are

Top Row: Topshop Tandem Red Canvas Deck Trainers $45, Asos Kitson Charm Bracelet $12.22, Forever 21 Bold Leatherette Handbag $16.80

Middle Row: Forever 21 Boyfriend Varsity Cardigan $22.80, Urban Outfitters BDG Classic Breezy Shirt $39, Piperlime Lux by Michael Antonio $49

Bottom Row: Topshop Ruched Front Purse $32, Topshop Segment Collar $30, Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Vintage Preppie Pullover $39

Tips on pulling off this season’s bold red:

  • Wear different shades of red together– everything from deep burgundy to bright tomato — for a modern tonal look.
  • Add black or metallic accessories.
  • Add neutrals!

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