It’s A Holiday… Pardon Me As I Celebrate

Life update! I haven’t done one of these in awhile! First thing’s first: Of course, I celebrated my 23rd birthday last month with my two best friends (who flew all the way here from Kansas City for me). We decorated the birthday cake that my sweetums bought me, had dinner at Wildfire, and everyone gave me wonderful gifts!

Speaking of clothes that I haven’t had to buy… here’s the update on my August and September spending limits. My limit for both months were $100 or less. I’d say I did great!

  • August: $68
  • September: $56.95

My limit for October: $75 or less

Although I don’t celebrate Columbus day (considering he didn’t actually “discover” America), I certainly enjoy the extra day added to create my three day weekend. I kicked off my weekend by going to The Taste of DC.

Ever since I went to The Taste of Chicago when I was kid, I’ve wanted to go back. Because living in Kansas City, we don’t ever have events like that. When I found out DC was having one this year (after being on hiatus), I jumped at the chance. I love getting the chance to try samples from different restaurants around the city. Sort of like “try before you buy.”

Sunday… I went engagement ring shopping. Finding the perfect roundcut halo ring with sidestones is not as easy as I thought. But I think I might have found it 🙂

Yesterday, I finally had the time to do a few DIYs! I made this reverse tie dye tee…

following these directions from Honestly DIY. I may get a darker dye and re-do it a bit, because with the black buttons and thread detail, it looks a bit halloween costume-y to me.

My second DIY was this leather lariat belt with feather…

inspired by this DIY from Love Maegan.

The last DIY I finished were these space/galaxy/cosmic shoes…

I followed the tutorial from Goth Reform School and also used Le Chic Lapin’s video as a visual reference. I think I’m going to re-do these too. They look more like dusty paint splattered shoes than a galaxy.

Aaah… I’m motivated and ready to tackle more DIYs now! Even creating some of my own tutorials. The creative juices are flowing! Let’s see how this pans out. Wish me luck!


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