Project Runway Season 9 Episode 11

The Challenge: The designers and a teammate must go head to head and create high fashion designs inspired by exotic birds.

Guest Judge: Francisco Costa (fashion figure)

Best Designs: Anya [Challenge Winner] (Once again, she made another gorgeous design. It’s definitely not a boring black dress, the detailing keeps you interested. It’s edgy and isn’t literally feathered or shaped like a bird.) ; Viktor (Though the judges thought this dress was too literal, I thought it was beautiful. Very flowy and airy. There were a few too many feathers, but it didn’t break the look for me.)

Worst Design: Bert (He clearly wasn’t inspired by his bird. This dress is drab and dreary. Very depressing actually. The colors do not work well together at all. The bustier was done nicely… but that’s about it.)

Like: Kimberly (Pretty dress, but noticeably the same silhouette as her challenge partner — and this was her second design, so it was obviously a rip-off. I like the detail on the top, but since she already has a lot of cleavage showing I think the slit might be a bit too high for my taste. Too much cleavage and thigh indeed.)

Hate: Laura (Feathers = too literal, boring, and ugly. Enough said.)

In-Between: Josh (The color of the dress is amazingly beautiful, but that cut of the dress? It’s a no for me. It looks like a towel wrapped around her body with a corsage on one shoulder to make it a little spiffy. Um… no. I just couldn’t bring myself to “like” this dress. Try again, Josh.)

The right person went home. So which outfits do you think were the best/worst?

All pictures from Blogging Project Runway


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