DIY Cosmic Journey

Two weeks ago I jumped on the DIY blogger bandwagon and decided to attempt to create a random galaxy printed item. I bought black, purple, honey, and white acrylic paint and started revamping an inexpensive pair of slip-ons I’d bought a long time ago. Using a mix of techniques from ddisorder’s cosmic shoe tutorial (formerly goth school reform) and Le Chic Lapin’s galactic blazer video tutorial, I created these:

Which actually looks more like a dusty pair of paint splattered shoes than galaxy print. Immediately after making this cosmic shoe fail, I decided I was going to re-do them later. THIS time I bought some red and blue paint (in addition to the other colors), found a couple of nebula pictures online to refer to, and used the technique from Syl and Sam’s galaxy purse tutorial. Here’s the result (with the soles still taped):

Ta-da! Vast difference from the first design and much closer to how it’s actually supposed to look. I’m super pleased with how they turned out! Can’t wait for them to finish drying so I can wear them!


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