Project Runway Season 9 Episodes 12 and Finale

The Challenge: Create a mini collection inspired by Governor’s Island.

Guest Judge: Zoe Saldana

Best Collection: Anya

Worst Collections: Laura (top row) and Josh (bottom row)

Like: Kimberly (top row) and Viktor (bottom row)

  • Laura finally got the boot and I think it’s about time. But she really should have been gone a long time ago. She coasted through the competition.


Finale Judge: L’Wren Scott

It’s the final FOUR contestants. Who will go home?

In part 1 of the finale, the final 4 designers on Project Runway were paid a visit by Mr. Gunn as they prepared for New York Fashion Week. And upon their return, they were given one last round with the judges before the big show at Lincoln Center. But surprise surprise! No one goes home! All four will have their collections shown on the runway.


The final four show their 10-piece collections at the Lincoln Center and only one will win the prize!

*This re-cap will go a little differently. I’m going to post each designer’s collection from what I thought was the best to the worst (although the first three were almost a three-way-tie for me) and then reveal the actual winner! Click here to see enlarged versions of each collection.*

Viktor Luna:

Anya Ayoung-Chee:

Kimberly Goldson:

Joshua McKinley:

And the winner is… ba-ba-da-ba!

Anya Ayoung-Chee!

All photos from Blogging Project Runway and


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