Thanks and Giving

I love this time of year. Thanks to you guys for reading my blog and sticking with me these past few months despite the lack of consistent updates. Hope you all have been enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend and taking advantage of some of these Black Friday deals! By the way, don’t forget Cyber Monday is tomorrow! I’ll be posting a guide for you with some great deals (lookout for it tonight)! Now, since I haven’t mentioned it in 2 months,

let’s get my shopping expense tracking out the way.

Clothing/Accessory Shopping Expense Tracker:

  • October Monthly Total: $11.99 (Yay!)  This 60% off jewelmint necklace was my October purchase.

  • November Monthly Total: $85.21 (Not including the Christmas gifts I bought)

A few items I picked up from the thrift store this month: Black blazer, teal sweater, gray sweater, black scarf, and black/brown bag.

I actually didn’t set a spending limit for November which is one reason why I spent so much this month. The other reason is that I joined in on the Black Friday fun this year (first time ever). I actually stood outside of Target at midnight in a line that wrapped around the building. Surprisingly I was out by 12:47, so I hit up Old Navy next. After standing in line for over an hour, I decided that my Black Friday experience was over… plus I still had to go to work.

I’m not sure what I want my spending limit for December to be yet. Probably somewhere between $65 and $100. Hopefully Cyber Monday won’t set me back too much. Is it so bad that I like buying things for myself? I need these things! I swear I do! 🙂

Looking forward to: Going home for Christmas!

I haven’t been to Kansas City since New Year’s ’10. I missed last Thanksgiving and Christmas in KC, because I couldn’t really afford to go home and had just started working at Forever 21 (for the season). So I spent both major holidays with my boyfriend and his family instead. I wish he was going back home with me this year, but he’s been saving up for a certain piece of jewelry that will go on my left hand.

Coming up soon on the JPD…

  • DIY tutorial on a Jason Wu inspired sweater.
  • The Cyber Monday List (Find the best deals at your favorite stores!)
  • Under $50 Christmas Gift Guide

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