Why I Shouldn’t Have Watched Breaking Dawn Part 1

I’ll be the first to admit that I did not initially get into the Twilight craze. I am not a diehard Twilight fan. My thinking was that it was just like the Harry Potter movies (which I also did not get into) except with vampires. I didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon because everyone else was doing it. I didn’t want to be a follower, I wanted to rebel. Plus I thought the teenage vampire concept was lame. I’ll also be the first to admit that I was wrong.

It was a boring saturday. We’d been sitting on the couch channel surfing for thirty minutes. “Let’s just rent a movie on-demand,” suggests my boyfriend. “Sure, why not?” I respond… “What’s available?” We watch a few trailers of a couple of movies… uninterested in the scenes flashing before us. Then, he does it. He clicks on the trailer for Twilight. It’s not the same trailer we’ve seen on tv a thousand times before. It actually looks pretty exciting! And with the click of a button is how I got sucked into the phenom that is the Twilight saga.

Why should you have waited to see Breaking Dawn you ask? Well when I become fascinated with a new artist, television show, book series, or series of movies my mind becomes consumed by it all. For instance, when I come to like an album from a singer/band and find out that its actually their fifth album. I get consumed with finding the music I missed out on. Similarly, I typically avoid watching some tv shows until there’s a marathon (Sadly, I don’t have as much time for that now). I shouldn’t have watched Breaking Dawn (part 1) because the cliffhanger was just too big for me. Adding to insult I have to wait almost a full year for the second part? I’ve completely become consumed with the franchise now.

How have you become “consumed”? You know that Bruno Mars song “It Will Rain” from Breaking Dawn‘s soundtrack? Well, it’s been on repeat on my ipod for a little over a week and everytime I hear it, the movie replays in my mind like a music video. This led to me buying Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse on Black Friday and watching all three films within 24 hours. Which in turn only made me want to check out Breaking Dawn at the library since I haven’t read the books (not quite sure I have the time to read it all). Yes, I’m overdoing it. No, I do not care at this point… and that is a problem.

Should you see Breaking Dawn (part 1) in theaters right now? Sure! Especially if you have no problem with cliffhangers. I do have to warn you that it’s not as great as the other three movies. Throughout the film I did feel like they were dragging the story along. I’m sure part 1 and part 2 could have been combined with no problem, but clearly they want to make a few extra dollars by splitting the story. It’s entertainment and that’s really all you could ask for. Oh and stay for the credits for a sneak peak into part 2.


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