DIY: Jason Wu Inspired Lace Embellished Sweater

A while ago I visited Geneva’s blog (A Pair and A Spare) and saw her take on this Jason Wu lace embellished sweater. I thought it would be an easy diy so I set to work finding the perfect gray sweater (which I thrifted) and bought some black lace. Check out my tutorial after the jump for the step-by-step instructions.

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  • You can also get scalloped black lace (which I couldn’t find at the time) to make it look more authentic.
  • I sewed the lace trim on the seams of my sweater.
  • If you’re terrible at sewing, try fabric glue!
  • The best part about this diy is that you don’t have to just sew the lace to the shoulders of the sweater like I did. You can sew it on the sleeves, the sides of the sweater (like Geneva’s), or horizontally on the front. It’s whatever you choose!

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